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Welcome! The first Bloodlines Cleansing Ministry session was October 11, 2017. We have been faithfully ministering each Saturday since this date.

Bloodlines Cleansing Guide (Click Here for More Info)

Our Mandate:

  • To provide a ministry of Repentance that includes confession, repentance and renunciation of iniquity, hidden sin that has not been repented for in the bloodline.

  • To "see" in the spiritual realm to uncover and investigate hidden sin that is Spirit-led discovery.

  • To set free from all generational bloodline iniquities.

  • To call forth in the Spirit the Godly redemptive inheritance of the individual to manifest now in time.


  • To restore all Heavenly, Spiritual, and Legal Kingdom inheritance to the individual and their progeny.


  • To assist the individual to walk out their destinies written in their scrolls from Heaven and written before their natural birth.

  • To open and release The Living Water into their inner most being; Living Water that flows from the Throne of God.

  • To redeem the genealogy and unshackle their God-given assigned destiny.

  • To bring in past generational bloodlines from the fringe of Heaven into their true Heavenly assignment.


  • To facilitate a "Better Resurrection".

If you have an interest in setting a session appointment call 512-645-9580 or email

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