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What is a Bloodlines Cleansing session?


A Bloodlines Cleansing session is a method of dealing with generational iniquities, sins and transgressions in one’s bloodlines as far back as Adam and Eve through repentance.


Why do I need a Bloodlines Cleansing session?

The Bible says in 1 John 1:9, when we confess our sins God is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. However, cleansing cannot happen without confession. There is a great deal of “unconfessed” or “unrepented” sin in everyone’s bloodline that has resulted in curses and consequences that keeps the family line in bondage; unable to truly fulfill their God given destiny. However, once someone acknowledges and repents of the sins of his or her bloodline, freedom from years of generational curses occurs, which results in change that can potentially affect everyone in their bloodlines.


How does a Bloodlines Cleansing session work?

Every Bloodlines Cleansing session is completely Holy Spirit led and does not require a family history or past information from the recipient. Bloodline Cleansing is very gentle and is not, in any way, about exposing you or any secret sins. During each session there are 6 key players: (1) Administrator, (2) Prophetic Seers, (2) Intercessors and the recipient! The team begins by praying and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to the prophetic seers, pictures that represent what has gone on in the bloodline of the recipient. Progress is gauged by the evolution of the prophetic seers’ pictures from dark to redemptive. The Administrator extracts (from what is revealed in the pictures) the sins that need repentance and then leads the recipient through the repentances and the declarations/affirmations of the redemptive promises of God.


The intercessors pray continuously throughout the session to keep the spiritual atmosphere clear for the rest of the team.


Things to consider before agreeing to a Bloodlines Cleansing session:

1) You must have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

2) You must have undergone a full immersion water baptism. If you undergo this session without full immersion baptism you run the risk of bringing severe warfare upon yourself and will be unable to maintain the “territory” won during the cleanse.

3) You must be willing to repent for the sins committed by those in your bloodline going all the way back to Adam. This is very important to mention, because you will be asked to repent for things you may have never done or would never dream of doing. Please note, this is not meant to bring shame or to expose you; but to bring what is hidden into the light with the goal of bringing you and your family into a new level of freedom. Our promise to you is to provide a safe environment, free of judgment or condemnation, where everything that transpires is kept strictly confidential.

4) You must have gone through Freemasonry renunciations prior to your session.

5) If you are unable to make your selected time slot, please notify Ray Contreras ( at your earliest convenience so that your slot can be given to the next person waiting for a session (please give us a minimum of 48 hours’ notice, preferably more). Your appointment will be postponed until the next available timeslot.

6) Each session will last approximately 1 1/2 hours, from beginning to end.

7) Sessions can be done in 6 month intervals, but no sooner than 6 months after your initial session. The reason for this is that you go through spiritual surgery, and so there is adequate time needed for you to get acquainted with and walk in the new ground you will gain.

8) We do not allow visitors or spectators during the bloodline cleansing session.


How to Prepare for a Bloodlines Cleansing session:

1) We recommend a time of prayer (and fasting, if possible) before your session. Do not allow the enemy to talk you out of having this session.

2) Come open, yielded and willing that God will perform His perfect will during your session. Coming with an “agenda” or an expectation of the session’s outcome will both hinder the progress of the session and may result in your disappointment. Please let the Holy Spirit reveal to the team what needs to be dealt with for the session.

3) Come ready to receive. This time is designed by God for you to gain freedom. During your session, we ask that you please not use your gifts, hold your questions until we are done, and please refrain from offering insight or history (unless you feel led to provide such feedback after the session is done). Your function will be to sincerely repent and to stay at rest during session. The team will follow the Lord's directions and do the rest!


After Your Bloodlines Cleansing session:

You will be dealing with deep things in your bloodlines, so after the session you may be feeling a little tired, numb, weepy, have a headache, feel tender AND you may be filled with joy, unexplained peace, and feel lighter; or you may not “feel” anything as soon as we are done. It just depends on the person, the circumstances, what had to be dealt with, but it is all the result of the spiritual surgery that has taken place. It is normal. Rest assured, A LOT has been accomplished in the Spirit, and you have blazed a new trail of freedom for your family line.


We encourage you to seek the Holy Spirit about how to walk on the new ground you have gained. The enemy might try to trick you into thinking you didn’t gain anything, but don’t fall for his tricks. He is a liar! Stand on your ground; remind the enemy he is a liar. Stand victoriously on your new ground! If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us. And of course we’d love to hear your testimonies and praise reports!


From the members of Bloodlines Cleansing Ministry, we would like to say bless you and we look forward to the opportunity of helping you step into a greater level of freedom! P.S. We are asking for a donation to cover ministry expenses. God bless you!

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