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Kingdom of God Healing Rooms


Healing Prayer Sessions

Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Needs

Kingdom of God Healing Rooms will conduct healing prayer sessions for your needs in spirit, soul, and body via appointment.


Come and receive fervent, faith-filled prayer in the miraculous Presence and Power of Holy Spirit and In The Name and Compassion of Jesus from one of our ministry prayer teams.


Kingdom of God Healing Rooms will also accept e-mail or phone text prayer requests. You may submit your request by email at the address below or text your request to: 512-645-9580 (include your name) by 4pm of that Thursday.

Feedback from 1 prayer recipient:

"I am stunned by how much the beautiful women of God called out in prayer that was true.  

I was struggling with shame and despair. I did not share that. I had part of my right temporal artery removed. One of the ladies had me lay my hand on the right side of my head. I can go on

and on about how much they knew. I am stunned and shocked.  With all my heart thank you. ........Thank you thank you thank you."

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